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Entertainment For All Ages
Break The Ice
Create Lasting Memories

Magic is all about creating impossible moments and powerful memories. The laughter, the disbelief, the wonder. All of these emotions will be associated with your wedding to greate a truly memorable experience for all.

Why Book?

Magic is perfect for entertaining the guests at your Wedding Reception. With the mystery that Jack provides, your Wedding will be one that your friends and family will remember for years to come!

Keep Guests Entertained

Magic creates laughter, active discussion and movement all of which combine to increase the sense of atmosphere that feeling of 'buzz' for your wedding guests.

Magic also actively involves your guests and stops them from simply being observers to your special day and instead makes them participants.

Fill The Silence

Many guests at weddings don't know each other and it's often the first time they are meeting.

It can often be awkward and uncomfortable at first and magic provides a solution.

Having a magician can give guests something to talk about and the magic brings groups together in a unique way.

Capture Incredible Imagery

Allow your photographer to capture the perfect snapshot of the moments of joy, laughter and unity that your guests will experience.

The heartfelt smiles, the delight and the laughter that the magic creates serve as the perfect framing for wedding photo's to treasure for years to come.

£  350

Appearance Fee - 1-2 Hours

The appearance fee includes 1-2 hours of performing as well as covering most travel and expenses.

£ 85

Per Additional Hour

Each additional hour booked is reduced to only £85 each. 

From £ 750

For a 20-45 min stage show

A full show including full staging and set-up specifically written to play to group audiences of 50+. 

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