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Boost Customer Experience
Increase Footfall & Loyalty
Mitigate Kitchen Delays
Increase Revenue

Why Book?

Below are some of the key reasons why booking Jack will benefit your restaurant.


Generate Atmosphere

Magic creates laughter, active discussion and movement all of which combine to increase the sense of atmosphere in a restaurant and create that feeling of 'buzz' that guests are craving.


Increase Walk-Ins

During busy periods, walk-in customers will often go elsewhere rather than wait 10 minutes for a table. A restaurant magicican can keep these potential customers from leaving and keep them entertained while you prepare.


Mitigate Delays

Accidents happen and every restaurant experiences kitchen delays. Magic can entertain guests during the wait and stop the extra time from order to food arrival from even being noticed.


Increase Customer Loyalty

Many customers will choose to return time and time again if, in addition to great food and drink, they are able to see a magician. This is because it is a rare opportunity for guests to experience something normally only seen on TV and YouTube.


Differentiate From Your Competition

Create an extra USP and stand out in your local market by providing something that your competitors do not. The free entertainment can often be the final push that drives a customer through your doors instead of to the competition next door.


Boost Customer Experience

Magic is all about creating impossible moments and powerful memories. The laughter, the disbelief, the wonder. All of these emotions will be associated with your dining experience to greate a truly exceptional customer service that is completely unique to your restaurant.

£  85

Appearance Fee - 1 Hour

The appearance fee includes 1 hour of performing as well as covering travel and expenses.

£ 45

Per Additional Hour

Each additional hour booked is reduced to only £45 each. 

£ 199

Book 4 Hour Block

When you book for four continuous hours, you will save £21 for the special package price of £199.

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